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I wanted more time spent doing what I like, when I like! Be it time with family and friends, on adventures with my partner, doing every hobby my brain can think of and living an active passionate lifestyle. I wanted to gain the FREEDOM that only a digital career and income could give me. So I stepped back from my career as a medical professional to live a more fulfilling life, while creating an income that supports it.

I honestly had no idea how I was going to do it though. I felt so stuck! Then FREEDOM FORMULA came along and changed that for me. My mentors Jade & Kev have set up an amazingly supportive course, Freedom Affiliate Launch, that can help anyone start working online without having any skills to begin with. I saw course members succeeding at quitting their 9-5, travelling while earning an income and ultimately creating their best life. All of them who were stuck, like me, in a soul sucking work cycle... now creating a life they never knew was possible. So I signed up!


I want you to share in this feeling of pure freedom and joy. I want you to know it is possible for you to move out of your 'stuck' state. Maybe right now you don't know how, that's ok! We have the tools to guide you along and an entire community to support you! Best to learn from people who have achieved what you want to achieve... this is one of the fastest routes to success!

First step: Believe you can do it and take the leap!

If you want to change how life is going for you, you have to BELIEVE you can. Taking the step to make a change, even when you are unsure exactly how, is better than staying the same.

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