Best Life Journey

with Amy

Hi there, all you beautiful people!

I'm Amy

A girl from Cape Town, South Africa who is on her journey to living her BEST LIFE.

Let's start my story off at the beginning...

I always had an achiever's mindset. In the sense that little Amy based her entire existence on an idea (probably something I gathered from watching movies as a kid). The idea that being successful in EVERY aspect of life was the number one goal. Success to a 10 year old meant following the path of: being the "good girl", getting the best grades to get into a competitive university, qualifying with a high status degree (as a dentist, in my case), getting a job you love where it's all passion and high-fives all day, which would automatically lead to earning BIG money, BIG houses and fancy cars and my life would just automatically be labelled ✨SUCCESSFUL✨ *queue the applause*

Needless to say, I carried that narrative of those expectations in my head as a naive early 20-something. First shock of the real world, choosing a degree. What did I know of the future and who I would become, how could I pick something to define me for the rest of my life!? I picked Dentistry from my "yeah... I guess I could do this" list.

After 5 tough years of studying, head down, no parties (because you know "good girls win") you can imagine how shell shocked l was when entering the working world at a private practice as a freshly qualified dentist. Working from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, putting more energy in than I was getting out in income, passion being overthrown by burnout, skipping lunch to keep up, anxiety riddled... this did not feel like the big dream I once had. I was on WORK-EAT-SLEEP-repeat mode. Don't get me wrong, I loved being a dentist and serving my community. To relieve someone of pain and to change the "I hate dentist" narrative in people's mind by being gentle and empathetic... that was my heart's work. I am grateful I had the privilege to achieve this on my life path. 

However, the skill to handle the hard stuff, they don't teach you that... it's just expected that you get through it... and burnout is real!

If you have ever been so burnt out you desperately needed change, I salute you! It is one of the most difficult things I had to go through. It challenges everything you thought you were while all of a sudden not recognising yourself in your current space... just one big confused, frustrated mess! If you've been there or are there, please accept this hug ♥ Know it does not have to stay this way.

Starting new is hard but staying the same is NOT an option

So I have taken it upon myself to go on a journey to create my BEST LIFE. Hence the name of my page 'Best Life Journey'. I've made it my mission to explore what makes me happy and discover things about myself everyday.

It turns out I have a creative side and enjoy hobbies (See! Being labelled a couch potato can change too!). Silversmithing, glass bead making, inline skating and bouldering (indoor climbing) have been some of my favourites. I have also tried getting out of my comfort zone and adventuring more! I appreciate travelling and being in nature more often. Travelling allows you to experience life in a greater sense. My mom saved up to take me on my first trip abroad to Italy at 21 years old,  it shifted my perspective on life ever since. By experiencing other cultures and  it not only enriches my outlook but it reminds me that there are SO MANY ways to live life and I could learn to change the narrative of mine.

The freedom of time also allowed me to be more present in my relationships, with my family and to be able to visit my partner abroad as much as possible (long distance relationship). Small things I value and did not have much time for, but in the BEST LIFE version of me, I do!

After experiencing the freedom to explore more of life's joys, I simply can not go back

to anything that compromises that!

Since I could no longer see myself going back to "normal"  9 to 5, I started to look for options to earn an income online. You know, because a girl needs money to support her dreams. Also the little Amy inside of me still wants to achieve some career fulfilment (the "boss girl" dream is still a big aspiration... although mansions and flashy cars, not so much). I found myself looking on social media, as one does these days, and an ad for an online course popped up. The course creators seemed humble and the course promised everything that I was looking for. A step by step guide for beginners, no previous experience required and you can build your business from ANYWHERE in the world in your OWN time. Not only that, but once the time freedom framework is established through the course, I can automate my income. Basically earning money while enjoying life... YES PLEASE!

So I signed up and began my journey with the Freedom Affiliate Launch! ✨

The start was slow, I had so many limiting beliefs I had to overcome. Coming into a space as a qualified professional in another field and suddenly knowing NOTHING is humbling. I wanted to be perfect before starting... one of my biggest self-sabotaging habits. My mind kept telling me: "you only know dentistry, what do you know about online business", "you don't have these technical skills", "what if you fail"???. However, with every doubt, I reminded myself that going back is not an option! Luckily the course also has powerful mindset lessons that helped me move through these limiting beliefs with patience and confidence. I seriously had nothing to lose by trying. If this is an option that can reward me with a life of JOY, ABUNDANCE and TIME FREEDOM... then I'm going to go for it no matter what!

So here I am on BEST LIFE JOURNEY. I have learned to start my own business and it feels so powerful to take back my time to thrive in life! I've joined a community of like minded people that encourage my growth. Believe me when I say, I surprise myself  every day by how much I have changed since starting. Importantly, I no longer feel stuck and hopeless... my inner fires have been lit and I'm ready to conquer! Success looks different for me now. It's not about being flashy or perfect, but rather living life by my OWN definition, being happy and feeling free.

Through my journey I hope to spread a positive message to all of you feeling stuck, hopeless or wanting more out of life. Firstly, YOU DESERVE MORE! I want to empower you to go forward knowing you CAN change. You can start new and YOUR best life is not out of reach. With the tools provided in the course and support guiding you, you will feel unstoppable on your path. It all starts with the first step... believing in YOURSELF! ♥

While quitting was nerve-wracking, it was 100% more liberating. Being able to prioritise myself has been empowering! I have been able to experience time freedom to basically do EVERYTHING I want, on any given day without having to say, "sorry, I have to work" or "I'm too tired". 

It made me realise that time would not stop for me. If I wasn't tending to my inner most desires, passions and ambitions that made me ME... then what the HECK am I actually doing with my life!? Time is so precious, can you really waste any more of it ignoring your inner most desires?